Ongoing Projects

  • This Website
    • Source code
    • This website’s stack consists of:
      1. Beautiful Jekyll on the front end.
      2. Google Domains as the registrar for
      3. GitHub Pages for hosting.
    • I chose this tech stack because it allowed me to deliver something quickly, it’s easy to maintain, is well documented, and I love writing in markdown.
  • Pittsburgh Strings
    • Source code
    • This is an online portfolio for my brother, a professional cellist and pianist.
    • The tech stack includes Beautiful Jekyll and Github pages. I chose this stack because I was already familiar with it from building my personal website. It also offerered more flexibility and affordability compared to other options we considered, such as Wordpress.
    • We worked together to define use cases, draft the site structure, and iterated until we knew it would be effective at attracting new clients.

Previous Projects

  • City Scrapers
    • City Scrapers Events
    • Source code
    • We used web scrapers to construct database of meetings for use by journalists, activists, and the community.
    • My role focused on maintaining the repo, mentoring new contributors, and improving the developer experience from tooling to documentation.
    • Thanks to Code & Supply for offering us space to host meetings!